dust in water


stopped caring that kindest did . it became unpopular . they did more harm than they actually heals. even if the pain exist, it is because of the recrimination from it . like a well – temprered piano , it is perfect in it’s tuning . no one wants radicalization from the past to dictate the thinking of today . nor, to be looked upon as being ungrateful, giving tribute at a certain phase in life as if it’s good enough . but as a way of life ? prepared to be judged and do remember how ‘humane’ we all are .

the turn of the ‘century’ begins when ‘that’ other generation died out and it’s going ever so slowly , incrementally .

stopped caring , that one did .

the soul that relishes on the works and the inner working on the newest projects that included most , is unquestionably truthful to itself .

you think it and it becomes . out of tune piano , how many actually would go around and play it ? let alone know how to play it beautifully ? . tuning it beforehand to make sure it ‘sits’ right ? . not many .

harmony begins with an understanding of a certain progress at a certain given time . only then harmony could relate . without the ‘guidelines’, harmony would ceased to be what it is .

even in dissonant , to relate a discordant harmony to it , the melody has to got to be let run it’s course .

take a listen . and harmonize away.

now tell me , in ‘musical terms’ what other types of progressions in this world that we haven’t heard yet ?

teach yourself and children music if not then at the very least, have at least big enough interest in it , go explore . be somebody else as the  journeying takes place .

come back and talk about the experiences with someone who understands you .

someone who cared before, stopped caring . he or she is focusing on something that is even better . and why in the world are you having problems with that ?

take that journey , i insist .


Muscle Bound

nudged and provoked


a question and a dire need is to suffice ,

he looked beyond boundaries,

colorless , toning sepia ,

just slightly above,

an answer and a beginning to comfort .

bodies trapping souls

for what were said , are not what were meant ,

and what were known ,

are just above ,

- only to how the words were arranged .

 with the memory of  ideas , a likeness to beauties that are wanting ,

broad views, a point made ,

comprehension  could be a light from darker tones ,

 what were said ,

 heard and understood ; to what would be compensated.

beyond broad views , boundaries ahead ,

he started to paint a scene

pages and pages of destinations ,

with your reasons to choose, freeing to gain .


skip , skip , a turn



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